Sovereign MEV Solutions for Sovereign Blockchains

Skip helps sovereign blockchain ecosystems leverage their blockspace markets to enrich network stakeholders and protect users from the harmful effects of MEV.

>> Re-ordering transactions

>> Creating block...

>> Sending revenue to users, validators, networks




User Harm

User Harm

Network Revenue

Network Revenue







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What sets us apart

Enrich network stakeholders

We build software that allows chains, validators, protocols, and users to capture MEV and decide how the profits are distributed. We believe in an interchain future where MEV strengthens the bonds between all network stakeholders, and is controlled by on-chain governance

Harness competition among traders

Skip leverages an open network of traders ("searchers") who find profitable opportunities on-chain and compete in a fair auction to capture them. Proceeds of the auction are distributed back to network stakeholders

Improve on-chain user

Skip can eliminate forms of MEV that are toxic to users, such as sandwiching and spam, enabling higher rewards for end users on their favorite chains, and improving their experience.

Run a validator?

Join the best teams in Cosmos and sign up for Skip today!

Deploy fast

Skip takes just 5 minutes to set up. Just click the link above and we will have you up & running in no time.

Work with the best

Skip works hand in hand with dozens of the best validator teams and chains to to ship battle-tested solutions that seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure

Reap the rewards

Validators using Skip earn more non-inflationary revenue for themselves, their delegators, and the community.

Word on the street

Tarun Chitra

Tarun Chitra

CEO, Gauntlet Network

The Skip team has a very unique background that combines academic mechanism design research and practical software engineering that allows them to improve the efficiency of the Cosmos ecosystem.

Zaki Manian

Zaki Manian

Founder, Sommelier & Cosmos

MEV is the most important problem in the interchain future. Skip is creating a path to a fair and efficient on chain markets and reliable multichain experiences via their MEV solutions.

Sunny Agrawal

Sunny Agrawal

Co-Founder of Osmosis Labs

Skip has accelerated Osmosis's roadmap to recapture healthy MEV for our community and protect our users from toxic extraction. And we're excited to continue pioneering sovereign block-building protocols with them.

Skip is shaping a new age of sovereign MEV

Skip/Select: Block space market auction

A fully configurable, governance-driven auction that layers on any app-chain. Skip/Select is easy to integrate, modify, and immediately opens up a blockspace market and higher rewards for all network participants.

ProtoRev: On Chain Custom Solutions

An in-protocol, application-side solution that is fully transparent and open-source. Custom made to the chain it's built for, it enables automated recapture in block processing and is run on all validators.






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